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Rapides Parish Communications District

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The Rapides Parish 9-1-1 District employs administrative staff and telecommunicators, who oversee the various communications systems and the Emergency Communications Center.  The staff members work with the various public safety agencies to provide the citizens of Rapides Parish with the most technically advanced 9-1-1 system available today and to ensure that the agencies are efficiently trained on the communications equipment that assist them in performing their duties with the highest level of proficiency.  The communications personnel who answer 9-1-1 calls for emergencies are employed by the Rapides Parish Communication District. 

For information on how to become a communications officer, visit our Employment Center.

Members of OUR


Angie Branton

Executive Director

Sherry Ledington

Assistant Director

Jeff Michiels

Operations Manager

Did you know?


fact #1

The Rapides Parish 9-1-1 District has an “Enhanced 9-1-1 System”, which provides immediate information containing the caller’s name, address, and telephone number.  If you hang up, the Communications Officer  will call back!

fact #2

If the Communications Officer receives a “9-1-1” call and no one is on the phone (either the phone is an “open line” or the caller hangs up), the Communications Officer will attempt to call the telephone number back to determine if there is an emergency.   If no answer is received, the closest available law enforcement agency will be dispatched to investigate the call.

fact #3

All “9-1-1” calls are recorded.  To obtain a copy of a tape from an incident or a 9-1-1 call, you must complete the Records Request Form located under the “Resources” Tab.  There is a fee associated with the research and reproduction of records.

fact #4

While one communications officer is asking you questions and providing you with instructions, such as lifesaving first aid techniques or where to go for safety, another communications officer has already been notified of the address and is dispatching equipment and emergency personnel to your location.   Any further information obtained by your answers is then provided to the emergency personnel in their vehicle as they approach the site of the emergency, making them better prepared to handle the situation once they arrive on the scene.

fact #5

There are no “dumb” or “unnecessary” questions!  Please stay calm and answer any question the communications officer may ask of you.  It could save a life — maybe even yours!



Rapides Parish Communications District

Our History

9-1-1 in Louisiana is a parish-based collection of systems with a myriad of configurations. All are similar in some ways similar, but no two systems are identical. The differences are in small part due to the manner in which they were created, but are primarily a reflection of their location and the political realities of that location. There are issues and problems, which are common to each Communications District but the solutions are, more often than not, unique to that particular Communications District.